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Intuitive Spatial Design for Mental Well-being


Journeying through a global pandemic has been a challenging experience, many of us thrust into mental disarray as we navigated the uncertain. But it has also taught us many lessons, and among those is a need for our surroundings

to promote positive mental health.


At My Sacred Space, we recognise the importance of having somewhere grounding to retreat to when times are tough. 

It's about finding a sense of stillness when the world is in chaos.

It's about feeling so safe in our physical surroundings that we are brave enough to reach inside and do the inner work.

Creating a Sacred Space in which to feel stable.

At MY SACRED SPACE, we use your environment to facilitate a journey to inner peace, creating sanctuaries of devotion to self and connecting you back to the present moment. 


Because it's when we drown out the noise of the world and sit with silence, that we allow our true selves to come up and be heard. 


 is all about creating spaces for rest, reflection and retreat.

Bringing a feeling of peace and stability into your world, whether that's in your home or your wellbeing business.


From cosy corners to therapy rooms, we will co-create a space that instills calm and comfort,

tapping into your senses and soothing your soul.

This is not about matching your wallpaper to your curtains. It's about encouraging you to explore the energy of your space and how it actually feels to reside there.

Welcome to 
My Sacred Space


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Our Services

Sacred Space Design

This venue was completely reimagined to create a timeless space that builds appeal and interest through layered decor elements. The final result exceeded the clients’ expectations and has become a design focal point.

Commercial Styling & Merchandising

Do your customers feel a sense of relaxation and grounding when they enter your space? 

We will guide you through the process of creating an atmosphere that reflects your business values and encourages customers to return. It's not just about making your space look visually pleasing, it's about matching the energy required for the enjoyment and healing of your customers. 

Perfect for natural health practitioners, counsellors & psychotherapists, wellbeing centres and yoga/meditation retreats.

Decluttering & Organisation

Overwhelmed with stuff that you just don't know what to do with? If you'd like to follow the phrase; "A tidy house is s tidy mind", but you just don't know where to begin, or frankly, how to muster up the energy, we're here to assist you.

Maybe you're wardrobe is packed to the gunnels and you need to find the joy in dressing once again. Could be that your kitchen cupboards are overflowing, there's no system and you never use the bits right at the back. Or maybe you're drowning under a pile of paperwork and it's affecting your concentration.

Storing unwanted items that you'd like to sell? We'll help you sort, photograph and manage the process.



Merreti, Sutton End, Sutton, Pulborough, W Sx, RH20 1PY

Tel. 07763 586199

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